www.upension.gov.bd Registration & Login for Universal Pension Scheme

www.upension.gov.bd Registration, Application Form Download & Login for Universal Pension Scheme. Here you will get to know how you can easily register for the Universal Pension Scheme visiting the official website www.upension.gov.bd of National Pension Authority. How to Login, Sign in, Reset Password upension.gov.bd Universal Pension Scheme pensioner account. All you need to know about upension.gov.bd Registration & Login for Universal Pension Scheme (UPS) is available here. www. upension.gov.bd, www.upension, www.upension.gov.bd, up pension gov bd, Sarbojonin pension.

The government has launched the much talked about Universal Pension Scheme with the aim of bringing every citizen of the country above 18 years of age under pension coverage. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina virtually launched the project from her official residence Ganabhaban. A website called ‘UPENSION’ has been launched for the Universal Pension Scheme.

www.upension.gov.bd Registration & Login for Universal Pension Scheme

Interested people can register for this scheme by visiting the National Pension Authority website: www.upension.gov.bd. Interested persons have to fill every part of the registration process with correct information. Registration with incorrect or false information will result in cancellation of application and no refund of deposit. So, let’s get started for signing up for the upension.gov.bd Registration & Login for Universal Pension Scheme.

What is Universal Pension Scheme (UPS)?

The scheme is primarily aimed at bringing the country’s growing elderly population under a well-structured social safety net and providing them with a monthly stipend for their day-to-day expenses.

Who are eligible for Universal Pension Scheme?

All citizens between 18 and 50 years of age, including expatriate Bangladeshis, will be eligible for the benefit based on their national identity card. At present in Bangladesh only employees of government, semi-government or autonomous organizations get pension benefits.

On special consideration, citizens above 50 years of age can also participate in the pension scheme. The government aims to bring the private sector workers under the pension scheme through the new law.

How to Register for Universal Pension Scheme www.upension.gov.bd?

To participate in the pension scheme, Bangladeshi citizens will have to register online from the country and abroad. A person has to register with the National Pension Authority’s website: upension.gov.bd. After that, a unique ID number will provide in favour of the applicant.

www.upension gov bd Registration

Expatriate Bangladeshi nationals who do not have national identity cards can apply for registration in the pension scheme with passport information. People interested to register for the scheme can do it by visiting the official website of National Pension Authority www.upension.gov.bd. Here we are going to show you step by step guide to register for Universal Pension Scheme:

upension.gov.bd Registration & Login for Universal Pension Scheme

  • Every new participant must first register by clicking on the Pensioner ‘Registration’ button located at the top right of the “Upension” website.
  • Here a new screen will pop up with two options. One will be “I agree” and right below that will be another option, which will ask the person to “Login” if they have an account.

upension.gov.bd Registration & Login for Universal Pension Scheme

The third pop-up window will ask the person to go for registration by first selecting the scheme and then entering his National Identity Number, date of birth, mobile number and email address.


  • This window will take the person to the next window after filling the captcha part.
  • If the captcha is filled successfully, a window will open, asking the person to enter the one-time password or OTP sent to the mobile number mentioned in the previous window.


  • Here window number five will open where the person has to give his/her detailed information in five separate tabs namely: Personal Information, Scheme Information, Bank Information, Nominee Information and Full Form.

upension.gov.bd Registration

  • This page will show the applicant’s NID number, photograph, Bengali and English name, father’s name, mother’s name, current and permanent address as per the NID information given on the previous page.
  • Here the annual income of the applicant should be mentioned and the name of his profession, department, district and upazila should be selected.

upension.gov.bd Registration Process:

At the end of this step, there will be another page called ‘Scheme Information’. Here the individual has to select the monthly grant amount and the time of payment. There will be three payment options monthly, quarterly and yearly.

upension.gov.bd Registration

  • Then enter the bank details. On this page, the applicant needs to mention the bank account name and number, type of account (savings or current), bank name and branch and routing number.


  • Nominee information should be given on the next page. Nominee’s National Identity Card number and date of birth should be mentioned.


  • There is an option to add multiple nominees. In this page the nominee’s mobile number, relationship with the nominee etc should mention.
  • Now comes the last step of registration, which has called ‘Full Form’. Applicant will be shown personal information, scheme, bank information and nominee information.
  • Applicants can correct any errors found on this ‘Full Form’ page. If there is no mistake, the registration process will be completed if the person agrees.

How to Login upension.gov.bd Registration & Sign in for Universal Pension Scheme?

After completing the registration process successfully you may able to login with your user id and password. Instructions for Sign in have given below:


  • Visit this direct login page link at https://www.upension.gov.bd/Public/Login.
  • Enter your USER ID
  • Enter your password.
  • Complete captcha challenge.
  • Then click on the ”Login As Pensional” button.

Pensional Application Form Download PDF

How much one has to pay as monthly instalment?

Any expatriate Bangladeshi can participate in the Probash scheme by paying monthly installments of Tk 5,000, Tk 7,500 and Tk 10,000 for 10 years. In return, the individual will get a monthly pension of BDT 7,651, BDT 11,477 and BDT 15,302 respectively after completing 10 years.

In the Progoti scheme, there will be three installment amounts — BDT 2,000 or BDT 3,000 or BDT 5,000 per month. Against a monthly payment of BDT 2,000 for 10 years, the beneficiary will get a pension of BDT 3,060 per month.

Under the Surokkha scheme, the monthly installments will be BDT 1,000, BDT 2,000, BDT 3,000 and BDT 5,000. Depositors will get BDT 1,530 per month as pension of BDT 1,000 per month for 10 years.

In the Somota scheme, the monthly installment size is BDT 1,000 where the participant pays BDT 500 and the government pays BDT 500. After 10 years, the beneficiary will get BDT 1,530 per month as pension

The pension amount of these schemes will vary depending on the tenure and installment amount.

How to deposit instalments?

Monthly installments can deposited into the bank account has designated by the National Pension Authority through mobile financial services, online banking, credit or debit card. Expatriate Bangladeshis can deposit donations through credit and debit cards.

For all schemes, installments can paid on monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the donor’s background. A text will send to the registered mobile number when the monthly installments have deposited in the designated bank account. In case of failure to pay the installments, the depositors will be notified along with the penalty amount. Moreover, if a company participates in the pension scheme as an organization, the company and its employees have to deposit the installments together with the company.

How to get loan from deposited money?

Under the scheme, participants will be able to take 50 percent of the money deposited in the pension scheme as a loan to spend on their own or family members’ medical treatment, house construction, house repair and child marriage.

The amount taken as loan has to repay in 24 installments along with the fee charged by the Pension Authority. How long will the pensioners get the benefit or what happens after the death of the pensioner? Pensioners will enjoy pension benefits till death. If the depositor dies before the age of 75 years while on pension, the original depositor will get monthly pension for the designated remaining period till the age of 75 years.

What are the schemes?

Four different schemes has announced— Progoti, Surokkha, Somota and Probash—to bring citizens from all walks of life under the pension facility. The government has introduced four different schemes: Progoti, Surokkha, Somota and Probash to bring pension benefits to all strata of citizens.


This scheme is for the employees of private companies. Any employee working in a private organization or the owner of that organization can participate in it.


People working in the informal sector such as farmers, rickshaw pullers, labourers, blacksmiths, potters, fishermen and weavers can participate in this scheme.


Low income people living below the poverty line, who currently earn a maximum of BDT 60,000 per annum can participate in this scheme. Who will fall below the poverty line will determined according to the income limit published by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.


Any Bangladeshi citizen working or living abroad can participate in this scheme by depositing the prescribed amount in foreign currency.

Final Thoughts

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